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Steal From Work

Steal From Work is a 3 strong artist run co-operative pocket option , created with the sole aim of putting a much needed fresh injection of life into Bristol’s art scene. Doing things with a sense of purpose, a sense of fun and a sense of need.

Formed in 2007 after returning to Bristol after living in former East Berlin and with that city’s DIY ethos and ‘just do it’ attitude firmly in mind, we produced our first exhibition; 12 Days of Xmas. It attracted 4-5000 visitors over it's 12 day run and was hailed as the show of the year by people all across the spectrum in Bristol. This led to a more permanent move back to Bristol, with the aim of taking on that city's art establishment and beating them at their own game.

Four more one off shows followed, each of which were once again held in old, run down, unused venues. Typifying one of our central tenants, that the traditional art scene is not the only (and often not the best) way to show art and to reach an appreciative audience for it (though even this belief we've turned on it's head with the Crimes of Passion show).

In February this year, we opened The Long Arm Gallery, a space in the former CID block of Bridewell Police Station. This allows us to push smaller, usually solo shows where the artists involved can put much more considered work into and curate the space exactly how they wish. It's also a location to base our operations as we continue to push our vision of how things can and be done.

We're mischief makers of almost un-chainable optimism. Born of a hatred and born of a love. We're a celebration of all that's great in art. We're two fingers up to all that's wrong...



+ 44 (0) 7527 140 323


Steal From Work
The Island
Silver Street
Bristol, BS1 2PY
Steal From Work Ltd is a not for profit workers co-operative. Registered in & No. 06549480


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